📣 Metformin for Weight Loss

A Lifesaver for Peri-Menopausal Weight Struggles!

I had an experience that diverged from the norm, and I'm here to share it with all you wonderful folks out there. Let me tell you, my journey with Metformin has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Unlike many who dive into this story seeking weight loss due to being overweight, my battle was a bit different. The onset of peri-menopause brought about a perplexing weight gain of 20 pounds that seemed to stick around no matter what I did. That's when Metformin walked into my life.

Starting at a weight of 158 pounds, I embarked on this journey with a bit of skepticism and a dash of hope. Initially, I was only able to get my hands on the 1.7 dose, but I wasn't about to let that hold me back. The first day after taking my inaugural shot, I experienced a rough patch marked by nausea. However, my doctor's quick thinking and a prescription for nausea medication quickly put those unpleasant feelings to rest.

The following day brought a surprising twist. My appetite seemed to have vanished into thin air. While I had to be conscious of what I consumed, this newfound lack of hunger was nothing short of a blessing. Eating meals became a mindful process, as I savored each bite and took my time. My dedication bore fruit, as I found myself inching closer to my goal with each passing day.

The initial week was a bit of a challenge as weakness began to creep in. However, I wasn't quite diligent about taking vitamins. Once I incorporated them back into my routine, a wave of improvement swept over me. The third shot, taken recently, caught me by surprise. No nausea, no sickness – I felt better than I had anticipated. Last week was a breeze too, devoid of the dreaded headaches and the nightmarish side effects some have shared in their reviews.