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S SarahR Apr 2, 2024

Weight loss journey

I live in France and it's difficult in rural France to find a doctor anyway, let alone one who knows about the benefits of Wegovy and similar weight loss medications. I could get it prescribed back in UK, but not so easy here! Eventually, I found MobiDoctor, thank goodness! It's still difficult to get the prescription fulfilled as the local pharmacists say you need to register with a local doctor and if I do that then I know they will say no to the medication! One pharmacy will not fulfil at all. Being on the medication gives me hope for the future, I am sure that the disease of metabolism and genes surrounding weight loss is greatly misunderstood. What I do know is that yo-yo dieting, when I am fat, society treats you differently, in fact, the local French doctor said to me "Just push through it". I've been on Wegovy for 3 weeks since December and then switched to Ozempic (returned to France) since the end of January so that's 13 weeks and have lost 8.2 kg. so am very happy with the results, the main issue has been tiredness and constipation. I do feel sick if I eat too much, but all the cravings for alcohol have gone away now and generally I know what to eat/not eat. Don't feel like eating big meals anyway. I am delighted with progress to date.