Seven ways to fend off the Christmas cold Seven ways to fend off the Christmas cold

Seven ways to fend off the Christmas cold


Have you ever noticed that you tend to get sick right before you are planning to take a break?

With the festive season approaching, staying healthy and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is essential. To ensure you have a merry and safe Christmas, we've compiled a list of 7 tips to prevent getting ill over the holidays.



1. Wash your hands regularly

Cold viruses can be transmitted through contact with surfaces or objects exposed to the virus. To protect yourself, washing your hands and avoiding contact with contaminated surfaces is essential.

2. Don't share

To protect yourself from catching a cold, it is essential not to share cups, plates, or cutlery with those with a cold. In addition, please do not use the same towels as them and clean surfaces to remove any bacteria or viruses regularly.

If your child is ill, it is essential not to let other family members share their toys. Additionally, it is important to clean surfaces they have touched to prevent the spread of the illness to other household members.

3. Stop touching your face!

Take care not to touch your face since this is an easy way for germs to enter your body. If you find yourself rubbing your eyes, mouth, or nose, ensure your hands are clean first.

4. Keep your distance

To avoid catching a cold, keeping a distance from someone exhibiting signs of coughing and sneezing is best, as these are the most common symptoms associated with the illness.

If you cannot keep a safe distance when someone coughs or sneezes, clean any surfaces thoroughly they may have come into contact with to avoid the spread of germs.

5. Keep stress to a minimum

It is essential to relax and de-stress, even when you have much to do. High stress levels can weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to illnesses like colds. Learn how to manage stress and keep yourself healthy.

6. Keep your body healthy

Ensure you consume seven servings of fruit and vegetables daily and engage in physical activity to keep your body strong and healthy.

7. Get plenty of sleep

Getting enough rest is essential for your immune system to fight germs and keep you healthy. Aim for 8 hours of sleep each night to promote overall health and well-being.

Already feel like you're coming down with something?

You may be on the verge of catching a cold. Among them are:

  • Sore throat: Often an initial indicator that a chill could be approaching.

  • Runny nose: Initially, the mucus may be thin and watery, eventually thickening.

  • Sneezing: Your body's attempt to expel the virus.

  • Coughing: Another defence mechanism to clear the virus.

  • Headache: This may result from sinus congestion due to mucus buildup.

  • Fatigue: A common symptom with viral infections, signalling the need for rest.

If you're already suffering from a cold, it's not too late to take steps to shorten your recovery time. Here are some things you can do to help:

Keep hydrated

Drinking water can rehydrate your body and help clear mucus in the back of your throat. Additionally, water can help replace any fluids that were lost through activities such as sneezing and sweating.

Eating healthily

If you find yourself with a cold, it's essential to ensure you get adequate vitamins and minerals. Eating fruits and vegetables, warm broths, soups, and oily fish can help your body fight the cold and get back to feeling your best. Comfort food is not a viable solution.

Vitamin C

Consuming fresh oranges, drinking orange juice, or taking a vitamin C supplement can all help to strengthen your immune system.

Honey and lemon

Try our homemade honey, lemon, and ginger tea if you have a sore throat. While it won't help you recover faster, the love and lemon should help reduce the discomfort. Please give it a go, and you'll feel some relief!


Taking a break from work is beneficial when recovering from a cold. Resting is essential for your body to heal, so pushing yourself to work is not recommended.

Staying home when you're under the weather can help you avoid spreading illnesses to your co-workers and other people in the office. Therefore, it's best to take some time to rest and recover until you are feeling better.

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