Migraines In Men Vs Women Migraines In Men Vs Women

Migraines In Men Vs Women

In what ways do different genders experience migraines and other headaches differently?


It is often believed that migraines are more common among women, which has some truth. Migraines are three times more likely to affect women than men, with 17% of women experiencing migraines compared to 6% of men. Based on Migraine Buddy survey data analysis from migraine sufferers, women tend to experience more intense pain and longer-lasting headaches than men. Among this group, women typically have headaches for seven days each month, while men experience them for 6 days per month.


The level of pain experienced by women with migraines is often more severe than men. This is evident from the pain scale of 1-10, typically used to monitor the intensity of migraines. On this scale, where 1 represents the mildest pain, and 10 is the most severe, women reported an average pain rating of 6, while men reported an average rating of 5.

What Are The Causes Of Migraines In Women?

The reported severity and frequency of migraines vary between men and women, and there are several possible explanations for this difference. Some theories suggest that women may have a lower pain threshold or that the stigma surrounding headaches may discourage men from reporting pain. One possible factor contributing to the discrepancy in pain levels could be the influence of hormones, particularly estrogen, on migraine. Estrogen fluctuations are a known trigger for migraines, and since estrogen is a hormone primarily found in females, this could explain why migraines are more prevalent in women.

Migraine Triggers In Men Vs Women

Migraine triggers can differ for men and women. Women are the only ones who risk migraines due to estrogen changes throughout their lives. Barometric changes in weather tend to affect women more than men as a trigger for migraines. On the other hand, physical exertion and alcohol are more likely to trigger migraines in men. Women often complain of experiencing nausea during migraines, while men are more sensitive to light. Data suggests that men are more likely to associate depression with migraines.

Men Suffer From Migraines Too

Migraines may affect women more frequently, yet men also experience them. Meanwhile, cluster headaches are a type of headache that is more prevalent in men and differs from migraines in both symptoms and treatment methods.


Men with migraines may feel excluded from discussions about the condition because most prominent advocates and support group members are women. Additionally, some men may hesitate to seek medical attention because they believe they should tough it out and not acknowledge their pain. However, men must know that treatment options are available for migraines and other headaches.


People who experience headaches and related symptoms should seek treatment to enhance their health and overall well-being. Seeking treatment can effectively decrease the frequency and intensity of headaches.


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