How To Delay Your Period How To Delay Your Period

How To Delay Your Period


Are you seeking ways to control your menstrual bleeding during a memorable trip or important occasion? The medical professionals at Mobi Doctor can provide you with information on how to stop your period.


You may be eagerly anticipating an upcoming event such as a vacation, a romantic night with your partner, a wedding, or even your wedding. However, you realize that your menstrual cycle is scheduled to occur during this time, which could spoil your plans. To prepare for this, you purchase new underwear designed for periods, stock up on ibuprofen, and hope that everything goes smoothly without any unwanted mess.


There are options available to delay your period with the help of modern medicine. If you take a combination birth control pill containing estrogen and progestin, you can skip your period by continuously taking the active and placebo pills. If you use a ring, you can skip the week when you don't wear it.


If you are not taking birth control, there is a way to prevent your period from occurring. By taking a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone, the lining of your uterus can be thinned and stabilized, delaying your period until you are prepared for it to return.

Taking Progestin To Stop Bleeding 

Three types of synthetic progesterone, also known as progestins, can be utilized to postpone menstruation. These include Norethindrone acetate, marketed under the brand name Aygestin, and Norethisterone and Medroxyprogesterone, which are sold under the brand name Provera. These are comparable to the synthetic progesterones in all hormonal birth control but are prescribed at a higher concentration to prevent breakthrough bleeding. Typically, Mobi Doctor will prescribe Aygestin or its generic equivalent, as it is generally the most effective option.


Your healthcare provider, or a Mobi Doctor medical team member, will recommend taking progestin daily starting at least 5-7 days before your expected period. They will advise you to continue taking it until you are ready to begin your period. Generally, you will experience bleeding 2-3 days after discontinuing the medication.


It is possible to start taking the medication a week before your period, but beginning earlier may be more effective. Ideally, if you can plan, starting the progesterone is recommended right after your period has ended. This will prevent your uterine lining from thickening. It would be best to continue taking the medication daily until your special event, vacation, or wedding ends. Once you are ready, you can stop taking the progesterone, and your uterine lining will begin to shed. Within a few days, you will experience bleeding.

If you cannot plan, there are still ways to reduce or stop bleeding once it has begun. However, it may be necessary to take a higher dose of progestin. One suggestion is to take Aygestin three times a day to prevent bleeding/spotting or twice a day to prevent bleeding altogether, with the third dose as an extra precaution. It should be noted that taking progestin may come with side effects such as stomach discomfort, fluctuations in mood, and breast swelling and tenderness.


Preventing bleeding can be more than a preference in certain circumstances, such as during a religious event. Muslim women who participate in the Hajj receive medical assistance to avoid bleeding. According to doctors, Aygestin is a dependable and secure treatment to prevent bleeding during the pilgrimage. This enables participants to concentrate on their spiritual journey without any interruptions.

Using Regular Birth Control To Skip Periods

If you have enough time before your period, you could consider taking combination birth control pills continuously without a placebo week to delay your period. However, if it's your first month, you may experience breakthrough bleeding. Additionally, some individuals prefer not to commit to ongoing birth control.


Please keep in mind that using progesterone to skip your menstrual cycle is not an approved method of birth control. Therefore, it is recommended that you continue to use other forms of contraception to prevent pregnancy.

How To Get Progestin To Skip Your Period

To skip or delay your period, Mobi Doctor can provide birth control. During the virtual assessment, specify that you would like progesterone if you want to skip or delay your period. If suitable, our team's medical provider can prescribe the medication to be picked up at a nearby pharmacy.


If you desire to skip or delay your period frequently, it is advisable to opt for combination birth control methods such as the combination pill or ring. These methods will help you manage your periods effectively and prevent pregnancy reliably. Our medical team is available to assist you in finding the appropriate prescription for your needs.



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