Birth control and online prescriptions

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Birth control

Birth control. Some of what's available on the market:

  • Birth control contraceptive pill
  • Emergency contraception
  • Combined pill
  • Progesterone-only pill
  •  Contraceptive vaginal rings
  •  Condoms
  •  intrauterine devices
  •  injectable and implantable products
  •  Surgical procedures.

The most prevalent and easily accessible birth control option is the contraceptive pill. It is also readily available online. A combined pill is a type of contraceptive pill that is to be consumed daily to avoid pregnancy. Apart from contraception, there are several other benefits of using a combined pill. Some which include relief from premenstrual syndrome, reduction in menstrual cramps and acne, decreased risk of ovarian cancer, are a few of them.

Birth control: What to consider?  

When taking contraception for the very first time, consultation from a doctor is essential, and the online websites raise these questions to the buyer before redirecting them to the doctor. One should always raise issues like the dosage duration, what do to after missing the time or what can be implications on missing the contraception.


Medication is not the only answer to birth control; the other methods besides medicines include IUDs or patches, rings, barrier contraception. There are many different alternatives, but for emergency contraception, combined pills or progesterone-only pills are preferred.

Recommended: Avoid searching for medications on the internet. Ask the doctor for a contraceptive prescription that would be suitable for you and your needs.


Birth control prescription online


Women need timely guidance related to family planning and their overall reproductive health. There is unawareness and negligence among women when it comes to their mental and physical health. Their work-load and procrastination towards their well-being can have long-term impacts. Moreover, the discomfort they face while discussing private concerns is another obstacle.


All this can be resolved by getting the consultancy be it regarding emergency contraception, birth control prescription, or guidance regarding the ideal contraceptive online, all this and more can be availed in no time.


The contraceptive prescription or the prescription for a combined pill can be availed online after answering a questionnaire. Subsequently, the follow-up call can be scheduled by a health-care provider and in a few clicks, the prescription is provided. Moreover, in case of doubt or in the situation of emergency contraception, they can raise questions, report their problems, demand online sessions, or one-to-one call with the doctor to discuss such matters.

While the conventional trips to the clinics are time-consuming, these services facilitate quick and prompt delivery of prescriptions. Moreover, in most states, family planning clinics are closed. In such a scenario, the online contraceptive prescription services help women to get birth control pills or combined pills or other prescribed contraceptives on time.


Is getting an Online Birth Control Prescription Unsafe?


No, not at all! There are numerous advantages to it, which are covered under subsequent sections.

The concept that online contraceptive prescription is unsafe or has downsides is a myth. It is just a matter of acceptance. In fact, apart from this facility of getting contraceptive prescriptions online, many apps help to keep track of their menstruation cycles. One can also have reminders in certain apps every day to take their pills, especially the progesterone-only pill, a combined pill that have a fixed time window.


Why Choose Birth Control Online?


With the increased reliance on the internet, people prefer getting products and services in the comfort of their homes. The same is the case with medicines, but getting consultancy online for contraceptive pills and emergency contraception is a significant breakthrough. Your doctor is just a few clicks away, literally!


• Personalized: You can get online personalized consultation from expert doctors available for a safe, contraceptive prescription. The contraceptive pill is prescribed after gauging various factors like age, medical history, other physical issues, prevailing medications, etc. So, you get personal attention like the conventional way.


• Safe: In the light of the pandemic, getting repeat contraception prescriptions or changing the type of contraception can be difficult, as going to the doctor is quite unsafe. But having no birth control can also be risky for health issues and family planning, therefore, these readily available contraceptive online is a boon. 

Moreover, the privacy of the person is maintained as per the legal protocols.


• Easy and fast: Getting online consultation and contraceptive prescriptions from doctors are much more comfortable. With a few clicks, you can book an appointment and get a prescription. Then you can order it on a drug store and get them delivered on your door-step without any physical contact. The user can get contraceptive prescriptions within minutes whether it is for a combined pill, progesterone only pill, or the repeat prescription. The process is simple, hassle-free, and saves a lot of time.


• Accessibility: The facility of contraception online is beneficial for those who don't have remote health services access. In situations where someone had lost their medication or prescription, then taking assistance from online birth control facilities is the best choice. One can also get a doctor's appointment and consultation on a time they prefer and choose to sit at home through the telecontraception website.


• Convenient: It is also the best option for women who don't feel comfortable enough to go for consultation outside and buy contraception at the pharmacy. Some local chemist shops sometimes lack the stock of medicines, where there is rarely any such issue when buying contraceptive online. There is the option of getting a prescription for alternative medicine and all this from the comfort of home which is pretty alluring.


• Economic and great support: The online services are economically priced too. The prescriptions generally have a bill and follow-ups through video calls, voice calls, or secured text messages. One can request a consultation if they are sceptical about something. Emergency contraception consultancy can be scheduled within a few hours, and one can consult the same from the doctors available on the portal. Getting contraceptive online saves a lot on the medical bill from that of a regular pharmacy and booking of a doctor's appointment. The travel expense is also negated so it is a win-win situation.


What Precautions To Take When getting an online prescription?

While we are sure that online consultancy regarding contraception has no such downside, we would also like our readers to note that if they are ordering the prescribed medicines online, they should take care of certain concerns.


• When buying a contraceptive pill online whether it is emergency contraception or the regular progesterone-only pill, make it a point to read all the information the website publishes regarding it. If there is something skeptical about it then request for a call from the doctor and follow according to the scheduled online appointment.


• Check the name and expiry of the delivered contraceptive pill before consuming it.


• Look out for the alternatives of the medicine for situations like out of stock or late delivery issues. You can consult with your doctor online for the same in case of such an emergency contraception situation.


• It is better to go for a monthly subscription of prescribed birth control once there are no complications with it. Knowing the alternative will help in getting some medicine, in case the previous contraception requires discontinuation.



All in all, the prospect of getting contraceptives online is very comfortable, and it's risk-free, private and reduces the worry of running to the doctor and booking an appointment. Making time for booking and visiting a doctor when one is perfectly fine can be bothersome; in such cases, the option of contraceptive prescription from an app or website is really exciting. No need to worry about any complications or time issues as the follow-ups and doctor assistance can be scheduled accordingly. 

Women already have enough on their plates, worrying about birth control or keeping the stock of combined pills should be the last thing to tackle. This safe and easy way to get a consultation probably will directly influence and increase the number of women using safe contraception. The quick response and easy accessibility of the online consultation endeavor to make their lives a bit stress-free!





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