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Here are the main differences in finding a GP near you through the help of Mobidoctor’s online services and by going to your traditional local GP

Worried that an online doctor appointment may not solve your problems?
Don’t be; 9 out of 10 doctor appointments need not be done physically.
Most of these doctor visits can successfully be done online. 

Are you in need of quick and convenient medical service? And do you frequently ask yourself “How can I find a GP near me?”. You may find solutions for your consultation needs by using Mobidoctor.

Mobidoctor is a premium online doctor appointment service where you get to consult with Malta-based physicians through our website or app. Either:

  • Schedule a pre-set appointment with a physician on the date and time most convenient to you.
  • Or you may opt to enter a short queue online to talk to a doctor within minutes.

Convenient Medical Advice at your Fingertips

With Mobidoctor’s services, you need not go out your home to get the medical help you need. Medical advice lies mostly in your fingertips.

You can see a caring Malta-based GP a few minutes after you’ve opened our app or website. Talk to the GP as you would do in a regular doctor appointment. You’ll get a diagnosis about your condition, and be given prescriptions for medication as needed. You may elect to have these prescriptions sent to a pharmacy near you so that you only have to pick up your medication a few hours after it is prepared in the pharmacy.

Apart from medications, Mobidoctor physicians will also provide you with medical advice on any lifestyle modifications and further tips to help manage your condition.

Quality Physician Panel to Assist You

“Where can I find a reputable and quality GP near me?” If this is your question, then, Mobidoctor has got you covered.

Our physicians are all Malta-based general practitioners. All of them are licensed and certified to practise their profession inside the EU. They are regulated by the Ministry of Health. And they also have vast experience in their particular fields of specialisation. That’s why you’re assured of their competence and quality care. 

Apart from their medical skills, Mobidoctor physicians are also professionals who wholeheartedly compassionate and care about your medical welfare. They uphold confidentiality in the highest degree and ensure that every online doctor appointment is held securely and safely with you.


You can queue up to see a doctor in just minutes, or schedule an appointment for a pre-set time that works for you and your busy schedule. Don’t wait hours or days for a regular office visit, see a doctor online, now!


Using our app or our website, you can talk face-to-face with a certified and licensed Malta-based GP. All video chats are fully encrypted, private, and secure.


Our online appointments offer all the features of an in-office visit. You’ll receive a diagnosis, medical advice and feedback, prescriptions, referrals, and doctor’s notes for work or school.


Save on appointment costs, prescriptions, health content and much more

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