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What do you need to know?
What do you need to know?
  • Wie bekomme ich meine Behandlung online?
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      You will be able to speak to our doctor through a video consultation. You can then discuss your problems and symptoms with them as you do in a physical consultation.
      You will also be able to show them your affected areas like your skin allergy. Your medical history may be required in some cases. Mobidoctor assures you complete privacy as your doctor sits in a private consultation room so you can talk confidentially just like in a regular surgery.
  • Können Ihre Ärzte alle Krankheiten behandeln?
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      Physical examinations are not usually required in most of the conditions. This is why 9 out of 10 patients are treated perfectly well online.
      Our GPs provide you with all the necessary treatments you need. We can also refer you to a specialist in case your condition requires physical healthcare or laboratory tests.
      Read our terms and conditions to know more about our referral services for patients in the EU.
  • Wie erhalte ich meine Verschreibungen und Krankmeldungen?
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      You can get your prescriptions from the nearest local pharmacy as we’ll send it in an hour after your consultation. As for the sick note, our GP will email you or send it to you by post.
  • Wie kann ich meinen Termin reservieren?
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      Ihr Termin kann innerhalb von Minuten reserviert werden. Sie brauchen nur die gewünschte Zeit auszuwählen, Ihr Account zu erstellen und die Zahlungsdetails für Ihren Termin auszufüllen.
  • Wie kann ich meinen Termin eintragen?
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      Simply, log into your account and enter the virtual waiting room and you are ready for your appointment. You can do your consultation on our website using your PC. You’ll also need to confirm your personal details and required to show your ID.
      To ensure the quality of video consultation, you’ll be asked to check your camera and microphone prior to the session. We advise you to sit in a private room where you can talk to your doctor without any disturbance. Also make sure that your internet connection works properly.
  • Wie wird die Konsultation mit meinem Hausarzt verlaufen?
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      The GP will enquire about your symptoms during the consultation and can also see your affected areas if any. Then, our GP will issue you prescriptions, fit notes and referrals where they are medically appropriate.
  • Wie lange dauert ein Termin?
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      The length of an appointment is Thanks !10 minutes.
      Note: A warning will appear on your screen once you are near 10 minutes
  • Soll ich für meine Verschreibung eine Gebühr bezahlen?
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      Non-members will be asked to accept admin charges of 5 euro once the prescription is issued. However, this fee will be only 2.5 euro if you are a member.
  • Soll ich für die Zustellung meiner Verschreibung innerhalb einer Stunde bezahlen?
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      No. The prescription will be sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice after the consultation is done
  • Wie kann ich in der Apotheke nach meinem Rezept fragen?
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      You only need to inform at the pharmacy that you want to receive your private Mobidoctor prescription and they’ll provide you.
  • Welche Art von Ärzten haben Sie in Ihrem Team?
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      We have highly trained and qualified doctors and GPs. All of them are well trained and specialist General Practitioners. They are registered with the EU General Medical Council.
      Our doctors can treat all the ailments including physical health, mental health, women health, and ENT issues.
  • Wird meine Konsultation sicher und vertraulich sein?
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      We utilise industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure the privacy and integrity of all the data passed through our platform. Besides, only you can access your account as it is secured with the password you set.
      So, your consultation will be 100% secured, confidential and private just like your own surgery.
  • Wie kann ich meine Krankheitsatteste und Überweisungen erhalten?
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      Once your consultation with one of our doctors is completed, we’ll email you fit notes and referral letter, where needed.
  • Wie viel kosten die Krankheitsattesten und Überweisungen?
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      They cost 5 euro for non-members along with the appointment. Whereas, the costs of both fit notes and referral letters will be 2.5 euro for members. Thus, they will only need to pay discounted appointment cost which is £20.
  • How can I get a referral?
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      Our GP will ask you about your symptoms in detail and then refer you to the right type of specialist so you can get the correct treatment. Your referral letter will be sent to you by email after your consultation.
  • When will I be issued a fit note?
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      After discussing your symptoms, the GP will issue you a fit note if it’s medically appropriate. We will email it to you following the appointment.
      Moreover, we can issue you backdated fit notes for up to 2 weeks. Also, a note is able to sign you off for up to 4 weeks.
  • Welche Probleme können Ihre Hausärzte behandeln?
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      Our GPs can help you with just about every health condition. Take a look at the following list of some most common issues we deal with almost every day:
      • Migraines and headaches
      • Allergies and skin problems
      • Hair loss and anaemia
      • Ear problems
      • Eye problems
      • Joint pain and back strains
      • Mental health problems
      • Sexual health issues
      • Pregnancy-related issues
      • Stings and bites
      • Cold, cough, flu and respiratory infections
      • Digestive problems

Einfach. Problemlos. Effizient.

So funktioniert Mobidoctor. Benutzen Sie Ihr Smartphone, Tablet oder Ihren PC und suchen Sie in wenigen Minuten einen Arzt auf.

Unsere Ärzte und Allgemeinmediziner in unserem Expertenteam sind immer bereit, Sie zu erreichen und Ihnen die gesamte medizinische Versorgung zukommen zu lassen.

Sie können unsere Ärzte die ganze Woche zwischen 8.00 Uhr und 21.00 Uhr erreichen.


Registrieren Sie Ihr Account und wählen Sie die Zeit und denTag, die Ihnen passen.


Sobald Sie eingeloggt sind, verbinden wir Sie mit einem Arzt über eine Videokonsultation mit einer Kamera auf Ihrem Gerät.


Mit fachkundiger medizinischer Beratung, Verschreibungen, Krankheitsattesten und Überweisungen erhalten Sie eine komplette Behandlung leicht und angenehm.